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The ADONIS HOTEL is located in Kamari, the most well-known tourist resort area of Santorini. It is only 400 meters from the famous Kamari beach. The village got its name from a small arch (Greek: Καμάρα, Kamara) that still rises at the south end of its beach and is what remains from an ancient sanctuary dedicated to Poseidon. Today, it stretches along a beach covered with black pebbles, which is the longest of the island. The beach extends in a northeast to southwest direction from Monolithos to the feet of the Mesa vouno   mountain that rises up to a height of approx. 400m, being Santorini’s second highest peak. Once an agricultural and fishing village, modern Kamari boasts a thriving tourist industry, offering a wide choice of accommodation, restaurants, cafes, bars and night clubs, plus several water sport activities.In 2002, an archaic sanctuary dedicated to Achilles was discovered in Kamari.

Kamari is 10 km from Fira, the capital of the island where the most choices for entertainment and other activities can be found. However, your stay in Kamari can easily be combined with a tour of the island and entertainments as the distances are short. But there are also options in the  seaside resort  of Kamari that accommodate all tastes. Restaurants, taverns, and cafes can be found all along the seashore and at the bars you will have unforgettable nights.

The beach in Kamari distinguishes itself for its excellent tourist infrastructure, and its endless black sand which extends to Monolithos. The water is crystal clear but becomes deep quickly so we advise you to be cautious.

During your stay in Kamari you can visit the archeological site of Ancient Thira. In ancient times, Kamari was the seaport of Thira. Excavations in the area have brought to light significant archeological finds.

In addition, an important religious tourist attraction is the church of Episkopi, which dates to the 11th century, where you can see valuable Byzantine murals.

Distances from the hotel:

  • Fira 10 km
  • Airport 4km
  • Kamari beach 400m
  • Bus stop 50m
  • Restaurants, cafes 150m

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]SANTORINI – GENERAL INFORMATION

Santorini, the renowned island of the Cyclades, singles itself out for its uniqueness. This volcanic island has the biggest caldera in the world! In the shadows of the volcano that has determined the history of the island, and on the rim of the caldera has been created the  most beautiful cycladic city- Fira! The capital of Santorini is located on the west side of the island and was  built 260 meters above the sea.  The traditional architecture with which it has been constructed, along with the particular natural features of the island, give the town a special  radiance.

The entire island is beautiful and worth seeing. You must organize your holiday so that you are able to see all the villages, beaches and sites that comprise the greatness of Santorini. We recommend certain sites of interest that you really must include in your schedule:

  • Visit the volcano and walk on the volcanic island. It’s an experience that is truly unique. The air has the smell of sulfer and the view of the crater brings up unprecedented feelings  as does the touch of the hardened lava.


  • Take a ride to Imerovigli with its spectucular view ! This charming village is built on the highest point of the caldera. With its authentic Cycladic charm, the traditional architecture of the houses and churches and its view of the volcano, it has gained international fame.


  • Take in the magical sunset in Ia. Admire the idylic image of the sun dropping into the endless blue of the Aegean and the colors of the rainbow dominating the evening sky, giving off a magical light.


  • The excavations in Akrotiri brought to light the remains of an ancient civilizationwhich for centuries was buried under volcanic ash. Visit the archeological site . (Visit the archeoligical site in Akrotiri. The excavations there brought to light an ancient..)


  • The beaches in Santorini are distinguished for their unusual beauty. The beaches of black pebbles and endless black sand, surrounded by wild rocks, are awe-inspiring. Perivolos, Kamari, Perissa, Monolithos, Vlihada, Red beach are some of the beaches  that are worth going to for a swim in their clear waters.


  • Santorini wine is special and known for its taste and quality. Visit some of the local wineries and learn the secrets of wine making here on the island. The majority offer organized tours of their facilites and you can taste the local varieties of wine, like Assyrtiko, Vinsanto, Nikteri, Athiri etc.


  • Entertainment in Santorini has its own rhythms. If you are up for night-life, then you’ve chosen the right island to have one and only experiences. Fira , Ia and Kamari are where you’ll find all types of late night bars, clubs etc. for unforgettable nights- dancing, singing,  and plenty of alcohol and flirting…. on holiday, ‘everything is allowed’.


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